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Lewisham: Young Mayor & Young Advisors Group

4 Jun 2017

Lewisham has a well-established elected Young Mayor and Young Advisors Group. Each year a young person between the ages of 13 and 17 years is elected to represent their peers in Lewisham and also takes part in regional, national and European projects and discussions.

They work with politicians, council officers and partners like the Health Services and the Police to improve and develop services for young people and make sure their views and opinions are part of decision making processes. The Young Mayor has a budget of £25,000 to spend, after consultation with other young people in the borough.

Having consulted with school councils, youth groups and young people, it was clear that they had many ideas and an enthusiasm to create their own projects. In order to enable young people to take some of these projects forward and in light of diminishing alternative resources the Young Mayor and Advisors allocated £10,000 out of their budget for young people to apply for, to develop their own projects.

Lewisham would like to agree 4/5 projects across the borough with the allocated funding, with Young people working with an organisation, youth club or other in order to have the policies in place to ensure the safe delivery of the activity/project, the legal distribution of the funding and accountability.

Projects can be worth up to £2000.

Please see the application form attached below and complete it if you have an idea for an application.